What You Might Expect

Easy To Find

In the downtown area turn East off of Main Street on to John Street. We are located just two intersections away. Turn North on Pine Street and drive just past the church to find our parking lot and main entrance. Look at the map on the Home Page for your best way to arrive in Lake City.

A Place to Park

As you enter the parking lot across from the entrance are two parking spaces set aside for new visitors. Please make use of them. Even if these should be full the parking lot usually has ample room for parking.

Someone to Greet You

If you have any questions as you are pulling into the parking lot or just want to let someone get out of the car at the doorway, just pull up to the door and most of the time you will find someone there to greet you, answer any questions, or offer you assistance if you should need it.


Once inside don’t be surprised to find a simple refreshment to begin your day.

Friendly People

There will be people to talk to, and it is usually impossible to arrive in the sanctuary without someone saying hi and wanting to chat before the service starts. The Sanctuary is just through the next set of doors. Before you find a seat an usher will be handing out a bulletin and information about the coming week. If you need assistance in finding a seat they will be happy to help you.

The Importance of Prayer

Every Sunday about 20 minutes before church begins a small group joins together in a short time of prayer for our service and for the prayer needs of our church. Anyone who desire to pray with them is invited to join them. Also you may also receive a prayer card or you can pick one up in the back of the church. We encourage everyone to fill out a prayer card before the service begins and give it to one of our prayer partners who will be collecting the cards in the back of the church. These prayer concerns will be shared during our service as appropriate, or they may be shared in a more confidential circle.

A Comfortable Worship Experience

Our sanctuary has plenty of space and seating is not usually a problem. A good part of our local community is retired or leisure and our congregation and service is more informal and relaxed. You won’t have to worry about turning the pages of a hymnal or what is going to come next, because the service is projected on to two large screens at the front of the sanctuary. While a bulletin with the outline for our service is provided, most of the information is on screen. Most Sundays we try to blend the old with the new, and we are currently working toward a more contemporary style of worship.

A Biblical Message

Regardless of how it is said, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and our effort within worship is to lift up the truth that has been revealed to us through God’s Word and to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Worship is our response to the mercy and grace of God that we have encountered within this life.

An Opportunity to Learn More

After worship everyone is invited to join us in the fellowship hall for refreshments, coffee, or juice. This is a great time to simply relax and join in conversation. It is also a good time to get an answer to any question or learn more about a specific ministry within our church. Also on some Sundays we have a Potluck after church and both members and visitors are welcome to join us in this meal. Of course later in the week you are always welcome to call our church office and our Pastor’s door is always open to you.